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How much will I have to pay for a host for my new website?

I have heard about free hosts but I have been advised not to use these. Does anyone have any information fo me? Chosen Answer: Don’t use free hosts if you are into serious business. There are many hosting providers. 1. Bluehost 2. Host Gator 3. Host Monstor And many…. Most of the hosting services starting [...]

Does yahoo have some sort of web hosting reseller program?

I have all my clients go through Yahoo when creating new sites for them. I was wondering if there was something I could use to group these together with Yahoo- like you would with HostGator… or anything like that… Thanks… Chosen Answer: HostGator is pretty good. i have been using it for several years and [...]

Is HostGator and WordPress generally secure?

I am putting a website up for my cousin, who is an actor with a large twitter following. His email and stuff is always getting hacked so I want to see how secure HostGator and WordPress is and if there is anything else I should do to tighten it up?? Also have contact form 7!! [...]

I wanna know about hostgator?

Please suggest me Chosen Answer: What exactly do you want to know? Yes, it is at It is quite a good web host. If you are looking for discount coupons, these two are tested to work: HGONEMONTHFREE –> Get the first month for only 1 cent (.01) – Free month for hatchling or baby [...]

Recommend free MySQL host?

Hi, I’ve been looking for a free MySQL host for some time, but most services look dubious. Does anyone know of a good host that’s free? Just to be clear, I’m not looking for the MySQL client. I’m looking for something like this: Chosen Answer: Not free but Almost free, just 0.01. Use Hostgator [...]

What is the difference between Hostgator and United Domains?

Hey, I have got already a website name with united domains registered, which costs me 10 USD per year. Ive been looking into youtube tutorials about woordpress websites and all of the are using hostgator! I had a look at the page and the websites cost around 8 Dollars a month. What is the big [...]

Good webhosting (not HostGator)?

I have hostgator now and it’s slow and pricey for what you get. The email is slow, the bandwidth is slow. Youtube videos which somehow run through the IP address load slow and sometimes pause because the hosting is so slow. Looking for better. I see Is that fast? It’s 5 bucks and even [...]